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How to track another phone

How to track another phone

How to track another phone

Do you have to call every time to your loved ones to know about their location? Are you very much concern about your children who are living away from you for studies? Being a parent it is obvious to get worried about them and you might want to know how they spend their day and where they go with their friends. Since you are away from them thus it is not possible to know whether they are lying to you or not. It does not mean that you should constantly doubt on them but as per their safety it is important to you know everything about them.

Even if the relationship between you and your kids is good and they don’t lie to you, it is still necessary to have an option of checking on them. You should keep a watch on them but how since they are away from you. A phone tracker is all that you need. What it is and how does it work? What is its benefits and how it will help you in keeping your child safe?

What is FoneTracker

What is FoneTracker

What is FoneTracker

FoneTracker is nothing but software that has powerful features of tracking a device even if it is far away from the user. The software runs seamlessly on the device without disturbing the other applications on the device. It does not even disturb the device’s user by displaying pop up messages on the screen. This is so because the software is completely control under the user who has installed the application on the device.

The app is meant for the purpose of spying and therefore it does not leave any traces of being visible to the device’s user. Hence it does not disturb the user of device. In this way, parents can check the location of their children and have a peace of mind. They can be sure of knowing where they are right now and what they are doing with their Smartphone in their absence. This is one of the handy applications that are vital for parents who need to have parental control on the smartphone of their children.

Despite being a spy app it perfectly works as the parental control application. It is due to the features of the application that let it perform the dual work. So, what are those features? Let’s have a look on some of them.

Features of FoneTracker

Features of FoneTracker

Features of FoneTracker

SMS & MMS tracking– this feature let the user have full view of all sent or received messages and MMS of the device. It can also trace the messages and MMS which has been erased or deleted from the device. It let you view the content of SMS, date and time, location of the device at the time of receiving or sending the message, name of sender and more. This feature is useful when you want to know about the conversations. It comes useful for those who have possible doubts of leakage of confidential information of company via messages through the company’s device.

Tracking call logs– similar to SMS tracking the call logs can be traced. It also let the user view the missed, received and dialed calls. User can have view time of call, duration, and type of call, caller details like telephone number, location and more. This is again a useful feature as it let you identify the interlocutors who try to harass or threaten your children. The advanced feature lets you record the conversation which eases more to the users. It is a better feature than others which disclose more information than other features as most of the conversation and work are done on calls.

GPS location– users can locate any mobile phone and check the history of their GPS positions. It records the GPS of every hour along with details such as location address, latitude, longitudinal and date. Users can also set the interval time for which they wish to receive the GPS history. Moreover, they can also check the location address on the Google Map. Even if the GPS or location is disabled then also users can check their position via mobile network.

This feature is highly useful for parents as they can have watch on their children every time during travel. They can monitor their travel and protect them in case of emergency.

View photos and images– parents can view the images, videos and other photos taken by the device. It allows you to download the taken photos and images. It also specifies the date and time of images and photos taken. Moreover the location is also specified at which the images were taken. If you think that this feature is of no use then its wrong as it let you know what kind of images and videos are downloaded in their device. The important feature is that it allows the user to capture or download the image on your device.

Social networks– social networking sites are highly popular among children than adults. These sites are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter and more. You might be familiar about some of these social networking sites. They are like addiction and they stick to it for hours and hours long. Therefore, monitoring of such sites is important. Users can view messages that are sending and received during conversations. The details of conversation such as its type, data and recipient are also specified.

Some application needs rooting of device as without it tracking will not be possible. But the one at does not require rooting or jailbreaking. WhatsApp users are found everywhere and thus tracking can be very useful especially when employees or spouse is being monitored other than monitoring the kids.

Audio recording– the ambient sound recording is another useful feature of the application. It let the user record the sound for particular duration such as 1 to 20 minutes. Users can later listen to the ambient sound recorded in audio file using VLC. This allows the user to listen to the conversations of the device user. You can check what they are talking to others in your absence. However, there is a limitation that it does not record when the user is on call. At that duration the call will get recorded.

These were some of the features that are useful for parents. As we have already told you about the benefit of each feature whilst of their description. That’s not it! Users have to know more about FoneTracker.NET. This includes the basic of its use.

The basic includes knowing how to use. The software can be used by only the registered users. Users have to register before using. It includes the filling up of a small form where the user has to enter details like name, number and others. Simply filling the registration, the user becomes registered. User can then have full access to the features. However, don’t forget to enter the email address where you will get the other details of the software. It may include the terms and policy. Read them carefully so that you can know better about the application.

Other important thing is to know how to install and configure. Installation is simple similar to other apps. However, after installation the user has to hide it. The hiding is important as the app is meant for spying. Unhiding it will put you in serious trouble. The application will get installed in less than 5 minutes. You can learn more about the installation and configuration from demo video.

Once you complete the registration and other formalities you can log in to the application. The phone tracking software is ready for use. Despite everything that we have explained here one of the most important things to know are given below:

  • Compatibility– the compatibility is important because some software is not compatible with iOS whereas others are not with android. If the target device runs on any of these operating system then it is important to know the compatibility with the device otherwise it will be of no use.
  • Safety features– since it is spying software it is crucial to know whether it is safe or not. Safety is a big concern and thus you are downloading it for your kid’s safety. However, your safety is also a big concern because some of the apps may reveal the information that it fetches from the device to third party users. Third party users can use it for wrong purpose. Therefore, check for the safety features before purchasing the software.


Read the policy and terms to know whether the software is linked with third party or not. Never share your details with them. Once everything is checked and you are satisfied with the features and everything, go on and purchase the application.

If you are still worried about using a FoneTracker then go for a trial version. Check what it can do and then use it. It also gives an option of trial and thus it is easy for users to trial and purchase. You can have access to some features while trial and if you are satisfied then it’s time to use it and keep the loved ones safe.